The information contained in the Consolidated Retirement Benefits statement is for informational purposes only and is solely intended to inform you of benefits provided through the Schlumberger plans. The benefit amounts reflected in the statement are based on your status under each of the plans as of the dates recorded against each scheme. The actual benefits you are entitled to receive in the future will vary from these amounts according to your age, service, earnings, future Company contributions to the plans and the elections you make concerning your own contributions.

All of the retirement benefits described in this statement are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective plan and governing legislation. All figures stated are gross and may be subject to any applicable taxes.

Please note that all figures are subject to the confirmation of the Record Keepers of the plan.

Future Schlumberger Retirement Benefit Accruals and returns on Funds Investments

This statement reflects the current value of your Schlumberger retirement benefits. Future retirement benefit accruals, as well as future investment returns (or losses) on your cash accumulation plans assets are not reflected in this statement. For information on subsequent accruals under any of the plans, please contact the Employee Services benefits team that administers the plans in which you are currently participating.

The original version of MPS provided what we refer to as a “2D” statement as it is a static statement that displays the plan balances available at the time of the last data upload. In the current version you will notice a new tab labelled “Benefit Projection (3D)”, where the 3rd dimension is the functionality to estimate what your benefits would be at a future retirement date.

Projecting benefits is complex, especially over longer time horizons, requiring numerous assumptions to be made. We have tried to simplify this for you by pre-populating fields where possible, and setting default values that reflect the prevailing rates and most commonly elected plan options. However, you also have the option to customize the projection to a high degree by amending input assumptions such as retirement age, contribution rates, salary growth, investment returns etc., and also output assumptions (where applicable) such as annuity rates, amount of profit sharing to convert pension, drawdown durations etc.

We have created a user guide to help you to get the most out of the new functionality.

Multi Pension Statement 3D User Guide

The currency rates used in the benefit statement are provided by Schlumberger on a quarterly basis.

The conversion rates were last updated on 31/12/2022 and are shown below:

USD - GBP 0.8270
USD - EUR 0.9400
EUR - GBP 0.8798
EUR - USD 1.0638
GBP - USD 1.2092
GBP - EUR 1.1366

Your Schlumberger retirement benefits are comprised of two types of plans that differ according to the way benefits are payable at retirement.

  • Annuity-based plans pay periodic benefits in the form of monthly or quarterly annuity payments. The total payments per annum are shown on the benefit statement.
  • Cash accumulation plans typically pay benefits in the form of a lump sum cash payment. Alternatively you may use the cash you receive to purchase an annuity, which would provide you with periodic payments over the course of several years or your lifetime. In some cases, the Schlumberger plans require that the balance in your account be converted to an annuity rather than paid as a lump sum. Some of the plans may include provisions for converting the lump sum payment into an annuity prior to distribution; in other cases, you would need to purchase an annuity yourself on the open market.

Normal retirement age is the age at which you can begin receiving an unreduced pension from the plans. Normal retirement age is defined by the rules of each plan and varies among the assignment areas.

The statement will show the benefits available at normal retirement age unless you are already older than the schemes normal retirement age, in this case benefits will be shown assuming they are taken right away.

The pension/savings plans that are covered in this statement scope are:

  • Under BACO
    • IS Pension Plan (ISPP)
    • IS Profit Sharing (ISPS)
  • Under Zurich International
    • IS Defined Contributions (ISDC)
    • Geomobile Pension Plan (GMPP)
  • Under – US Benefits
    • Alight Solutions
      • US Savings & Profit Sharing Plan (US PS)
      • US Abroad Savings & Profit Sharing Plan (USAB PS)
    • US Benefits
      • US Pension Plan (US PP)
      • US Abroad Pension Plan (USAB PP)
  • Under Towers Watson
    • UK Orange Scheme
    • UK Blue Scheme
  • Under France Government
    • French ARRCO & AGIRC/ PERCO Schemes

If you have benefits with any of the schemes covered by the benefit statement (ISPP, ISDC, GMPP, US Pension Plan or US Savings & Profit Sharing Plan, US Abroad Pension Plan or US Abroad Savings Plan, UK Orange, UK Blue Scheme, and France ARRCO & AGIRC or PERCO Plans) that have not been included in the report, please contact BACO Department at and a Benefit Advisor will be able to assist you.

The balances are updated on a quarterly or annual basis following the available data under each respective plan. Please note you can view the balance date under the plans complete details.

IS Pension Plan (ISPP)
  • Pre 2010
  • Post 2010

International Staff Pension Plan (ISPP) - Plan Rules Prior Jan 1st 2010
International Staff Pension Plan (ISPP) - Current Plan Rules
Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) to ISPP Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) to the ISPP
IS Profit Sharing (ISPS) International Staff Profit Sharing (ISPS)
IS Defined Contributions (ISDC) ISDC Plan Rules
Geomobile Pension Plan (GMPP) GeoMobile Pension Plan
US Pension Plan (US PP) US Pension Plan Rules
US Savings & Profit Sharing Plan (US SPS) US Savings & Profit Sharing Plan Rules
US Abroad Pension Plan (USAB PP) US Abroad Pension Plan
US Abroad Profit Sharing Plan (USAB PS) Profit Sharing Plan Rules
US Abroad Savings Plan (USAB SPS) Savings Plan Rules
UK Orange Scheme Orange Scheme
UK Blue Scheme Blue Scheme
French ARRCO & AGIRC Plan How to check your ARRCO & AGIRC benefits
French PERCO Plan PERCO Scheme Brochure
French Pension French Pension Guidelines
Canada Plan Canadian Employee Benefits Information Page
Under BACO (IS Benefits)
IS Pension Plan (ISPP) - Pre and Post 2010
Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) to ISPP
IS Profit Sharing (ISPS)

Please direct all queries about your IS Benefits to BACO using the contact details below;

IS Defined Contributions (ISDC)
General Queries


Any other queries (technical, valuations,etc.)

HelpPoint Team

Geomobile Pension Plan (GMPP)
General Queries
Any other queries (technical, valuations,etc.)

HelpPoint Team

Under US Benefits
US Savings & Profit Sharing (US SPS)
US Abroad Savings & Profit Sharing (USAB SPS)

US Pension Plan (US PP)
US Abroad Pension Plan (USAB PP)
Savings & Profit Sharing Queries
Alight Solutions
  • +1 800 474 4015 or
  • +1-847-883-2175 if you are outside the toll-free area
  • Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT
Retirement/Further Queries
US Benefits
  • Active Employees:
  • US Benefits Center
  • +1 800 474 4015
  • +1 847 883 2175 if you are outside the toll-free area
  • Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT
Under Towers Watson (UK Schemes)
UK Orange Scheme
UK Blue Scheme
General Queries
UK Pensions Team
Further Queries

Jon Haylett (UK Pensions Manager)

Under France Government
French ARRCO & AGIRC Plan
French PERCO Plan
General Queries
Further Queries

Christine Cellier

Canada Pension Plan
Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP)
Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
Non-Registered Savings Plan (NREG)
Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)
Tax-free Savings Account (TFSA)
General Queries About The Retirement And Savings Program
  • Enrolling
  • Changing your contributions
  • Changing your investments
  • Designating your beneficiary
  • Toll-free at 1-866-896-6976
  • Outside North America: +1-800-2527-3211
  • Monday to Friday: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Time)
Human Resources Queries
  • Update your mailing address
  • Change any incorrect information on file
  • Ask a question about your pay slip


  • Active Employees:
  • Toll-free at +1-866-557-5222
  • Monday to Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. MT

At Normal Retirement Date you are entitled to receive 100% of your accrued pension benefit.

The “Rule of 85” is a Special Early Retirement feature that can improve your pension benefit if you choose to retire before age 65 provided you have met certain age and service requirements.

If you are age 55 or older and the sum of your age plus your years of service are at least 85 (referred to as “rule of 85”) you are entitled to receive 100% of your accrued benefit prior to attaining age 65. There is no reduction in your benefit when payments start before 65.

Special provisions for Rule of 85 apply to some employees who joined Schlumberger by way of an acquisition. To find out more details on these special provisions, go to iThrive ( and look for “Benefit Details” under “Pension”. Here you will find the Rule of 85 information for acquired companies. Please note that when modeling pension calculations on iThrive the special rules have been built into the calculator and are reflected in your results.

If you have additional questions, you can contact

For security reasons, this Multi-Pension Statement (MPS) application is accessible via single sign on from within the Schlumberger Network (SINET) only, and it is open to users who are currently employed by Schlumberger.

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How and when data is backed up

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A complete encrypted backup of each database takes place automatically every 24 hours. Automated backups of a database occur daily during the assigned daily backup window (22:00–06:00 UTC). If the backup requires more time than allotted to the backup window, the backup continues after the window ends until completed.

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A complete backup of all production data will take place in advance of all system updates, maintenance and quarterly data updates.

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How client data is restored

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Changes and review of this policy

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